Month: November 2017

Airspy spyserver testing

Airspy spyserver testing


Been following the developments over at Airspy with interest and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a shiny new Airspy HF+.  They have been developing their spyserver software apace of late and it is now in a good place. This allows remote access to a range of Software Defined Radios across the network using their SDR# software. The server can be run on a range of computing platforms from the humble (pick a fruit) pi all the way up to full blown systems. I’ve had great success repurposing a couple of Orange Pi Pc boards. These can be accessed via SDR# on sdr:// , currently acheap noisy Rtl-Sdr + spyverter on a Welbrook loop, a place holder for the above mentioned HF+ or sdr:// ,a cheap Rtl-Sdr on a deaf discone which will be changed at some point to a Satnogs driven clothes drier yagi with an airspy mini to monitor the sats.

A list of current servers with decent hardware can be found on the Airspy web site. There’s also a support group with good info and some other test server urls.

Give it a try…

(Quick update; Simon, G4ELI, over at is close to having his excellent console software working with spyserver as I type this)